HLA homozygous Master Cell Bank

As the autologous approach is lengthy, costly, requires long-term immune suppression, and is likely not amenable to treating many people in need, regenerative cell therapy will be based on allogenic off-the-shelf therapeutics. Hence, we are building up a unique and extremely valuable master iPS cell bank consisting of various so-called HLA-homozygous iPS cells – starting from rigorously selected („cherry-picked“) cord blood units, under GMP/ATMP conditions.

master iPS cell bank of various so-called HLA-homozygous iPS cells
Fig: Universal Therapeutic Applicability Zoom

There are several advantages with using cord blood as starting material:

  • - Cord blood cells have completely intact DNA and thus, essentially no mutations
  • - They are tested free of infections, fully characterized and clinically approved
  • - Cord blood as starting material is free of ethical concerns

In using cord blood for iPS cell generation, however, we exclusively focus on HLA-homozygous (HLAh) samples, to addresses the following:

  • - HLAh iPS cells permit allogenic cell therapy - essentially no need for immune suppression
  • - HLAh iPSC bank enables generation of more cost-effective off-the-shelf therapeutics
  • - Each cell line is inexhaustible and matches thousands to millions of patients in the population

Therefore, a set of HLAh iPS cell lines collectively forms a universal therapeutic platform matching the genotypes of major parts of the population. Being based in Europe, our stem cell library will best match European and North American Caucasians:

The most frequent HLA Haplotypes of Homozygous CBUs
Fig: The most frequent HLA Haplotypes of Homozygous CBUs Zoom

The HLAh iPS master cell bank has the potential to become the key starting resource of any iPSC-based cell therapy in Europe and beyond.

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