Product Overview

RHEINCELL is dedicated to the generation of fully validated HLA-homozygous GMP-grade iPSC lines suitable for clinical use as well as for R&D applications. Products emerging from our pipeline include:


Fully validated HLAh iPSC lines for R&D purposes – perform pharmacological drug and safety screening on defined immunological backgrounds.

RHEINCELL‘s R&D cell lines have been rigorously validated using full characterization and QC at international standards including – but not restricted to – self-renewal capability, karyotypic integrity, and pluripotency. Importantly, our R&D lines come with a full documentation of viral testing and HLA genotyping, for harnessing their full potential as immunologically defined screening and disease modelling systems.


Individual GMP-grade HLAh hPSC lines suitable for medical use – develop your future cell therapy using defined clinical-grade iPSC lines.

Do not use undefined research-grade iPSC lines in your cell therapy project. RHEINCELL‘s GMP-grade HLAh iPSC lines have been generated in a dedicated Grade A-in-B clean room environment. As such, they have been rigorously tested negative for viral, bacterial, and fungal contaminants. They have also been fully characterized using a range of QC and functional assays. Customers may selectively choose from a unique panel of HLA-homozygous haplotypes.


RHEINCELL‘s library of GMP/ATMP-grade HLAh iPSC lines – the game-changing resource circumventing immune suppression in allogenic hiPSC-based therapy.

RHEINCELL‘s iPSC bank is a steadily expanding resource of GMP-grade HLA-homozygous iPSC lines, validated to comply with international ATMP regulations. All HLAh iPSC lines of our library are produced in an A-in-B clean room environment obeying highest international standards. Every cell line of the panel is certified pathogen-free and has passed all our functional and QC assays. Collectively, the resource will cover a high fraction of HLA haplotypes represented in the Caucasian population.

For questions, discussions and quotes on our HLAh iPSC lines, please get in touch.

Our vision is to pioneer iPSC-based cell therapy with customers and partners – making immune suppression obsolete.

For questions, discussions and quotes on our HLAh iPSC lines, please get in touch.

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