Service Overview

RHEINCELL operates fully functional in-house clean rooms, laboratories and cell culture facilities, dedicated to the GMP-compliant production and in-depth validation of iPSCs. The clean room area itself comprises several Grade B rooms with Grade A cabinets and a large Grade D laboratory which also hold capacity for in-house manufacturing of iPSC differentiation products under GMP/ATMP conditions. Driven by its core activities and based on its broad expertise, RHEINCELL is able to offer several services around the iPSC workflow.

Custom iPSC
generation & validation

As part of our core expertise, RHEINCELL offers cellular reprogramming of external donor cells, expansion of reprogrammed cells, and/or validation of iPSCs. Protocols and in-house characterization assays are fully optimized and integrated into our GMP-compliant quality control system.

Please get in touch if you are interested in any of these services.

Characterization and
manipulation of iPSCs

Beyond covering entire workfl ows or full iPSC line validations, we also offer individual assays and services comprising

  • - Certified HLA typing and matching to RHEINCELL‘s clinical-grade HLAh iPSC library
  • - Certified karyotyping of iPSCs
  • - Certified STR genotyping
  • - Next-generation gDNA sequencing
  • - GMP-compliant quantitative gene expression analysis of iPSCs
  • - GMP-compliant immunocytochemical characterization of iPSCs (FACS and IF)
  • - GMP-compliant pluripotency assessment of iPSCs via three-germ layer differentiation
  • - Custom genetic manipulation of iPSCs (generation of KO and TET-ON cell lines)
  • - Custom qPCR analyses
  • - Certified sterility testing
  • - Certified endotoxin testing
  • - Certified mycoplasma testing

iPSC differentiation

Based on our year-long experience in iPSC research, we offer you to partner with RHEINCELL scientists and develop GMP-compliant differentiation protocols and workflows. Depending on the business model RHEINCELL may partially dedicate its clean room capacity to the joint production of GMP/ATMP-grade differentiated cells and tissue.

Product storage

RHEINCELL’s cryo storage facility is climate-controlled, burglar-proof and equipped with robust and safe vapor-phase liquid nitrogen tanks which are temperature-monitored and connected to a fully operational emergency system. RHEINCELL offers storage space in its highly secured cryo storage facility to customers and partners.

Please get in touch if you are interested in any of these services.

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